Jekyll board hears options for golf redesign

By Wes Wolfe

Jan 29, 2020


The current state of affairs on Jekyll Island is that while it’s not yet clear what will be done, consultants brought on by the Jekyll Island Authority are confident that something must be done to improve the quality of the island’s golf courses and Jekyll’s overall golf experience.

Troy Vincent of Augusta-based Vincent Design said at the JIA board meeting Tuesday that his company developed a detailed analysis of the island’s golf courses and the components there of, evaluating and giving letter grades as to quality.

“It’s important for everybody to realize — everything on a golf course has a life expectancy,” Vincent said. “There’s a life cycle. And contrary to what many people, in their mind — if it’s green it’s good, if there’s sand in the bunkers they’re good, and if the tees and the greens are cut short it’s good. But, that’s not the case.”


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