JLA’s architects and engineers design worship facilities with function, purpose, and beauty that will last for years as the church continues to grow.

Johnson, Laschober & Associates (JLA) is a full-service architecture and engineering firm with over 40 years of experience in engineering, architecture, design, and consulting for clients in Augusta, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; and throughout the southeast.

At JLA, we understand that there’s much more beyond the beauty of a church’s outer appearance. Our architects and engineers are able to design a church facility with function, purpose, and beauty that will last for years as the church community continues to grow. Design for churches is typically highly specialized because of the increased quality of detail and comfort required. The Design Team at JLA has experience with ecclesiastical projects, both traditional and contemporary design.

Over the past 40 years, we’ve had the privilege of working with the Christian community throughout Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Johnson, Laschober & Associates continually welcomes opportunities to provide our services to both church and parachurch organizations.

JLA is invested, dependable, and responsive. All our projects have an engineer or architect on-site weekly to ensure the highest quality and best product on completion. JLA focuses on what matters to you. We pride ourselves on the personal relationships we build with clients that evolve into more than just a business relationship. We’re a big firm with a small business feel for a more relational experience with our clients in Augusta, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina, and throughout the southeast.

For further information on how JLA can provide you with premiere experience for your next church design project, call our office today regarding your next project. JLA is readily available to provide services of exceptional value in Augusta, Charleston, and beyond.